fake-smilePeople around me often can’t just understand me, when I share my opinion about liking this or that person! They can’t just understand my logic about that case. I always try to explain them, but that idea never makes sense.

The point is I have just only 2 criterias about human personality. A person around me must be interesting and… genuine!

I don’t say that I respect only peole who never lies. That’s just impossible. That’s one of the oldest habits of a human. Of any human. I’m speaking about fake with its all optional colours. That’s the most aweful thing for me in this world.

I live my life way too much different than you all. I never critisize, I never think negatively and so on which you’ll be able to understand by my following posts. You will tell me, that if I speak about fake, I already critisize. That’s not true. That phenomenon makes me think about lot of things around and I just try not to get caught on a trap of it.

Now about disagreement among my friends and me. Once one of my buddies got surprised when we were speaking about newset singers and their videos in YouTube. I told him that I totally understand Miley Cyrus and her scandal personality. I explained that I respect her very much, because she shows herself as genuine as she can. I was never  a big fan of American pop music and especially Miley, but I can’t just close my mouth when anybody critisizes another person without analizing him or her inside. I told my friend, that I prefer someone like Miley around me despite of someone who will always smile to me but can easily hit me from the back.


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