Rating Death

ImageI’ve just read an article about worldwide rationg of smoking countries. Armenia is at the 4th place in the list of smoking men. That’s aweful, i guess, but I can’t say anything constructive, because I smoke as well. There was Russia and Indonesia in chart of “leaders” and I analized a little about this all and understood, that 800.000 men is a number so much far away from 20 or 30 millions in those 2 countries, but the fact can’t be buried: we, Armenians, like to smoke very much. That’s some kind of a cult. That’s not good at all, I understand, but there is nothing to do with it. Our government had a huge national plan for 2013/14 to try forcing give up campaign, but that doesn’t make sense. I can’t say about my nation, but I can frankly say, that I’m 22 and I already think about giving that shit up. Wish me luck!


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