Chase the Sun

ImageFrom the oldest times homo sapienses were afraid and respectful the most of the sun. Time’s going on, but never forgot that feeling. I’m not speaking about natural need of it, I just want to analize the emotional side of this phenomenon. I live in Yerevan and these 2 monthes were really sad for me inside. My city (and country as a whole) is very sunny and shiny even in winters. We have snow, fog, frost, but even then we see our sun in the sky. A huge cloud has come here above Yerevan and doesn’t want to go away and I haven’t seen the sun since November. That’s not cool at all. Yesterday it seemed to show itself, but that was just a momentum and nothing more. I write this and watch the sky which are grey as were and hope for the best. The only thing that gives me a colourful feeling is that my work and everything around goes well since I lost my sun! Paradox!


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