A Woman, Jazz and Good Mood…



There are a few things that you will never change in yourself and will never stop to be fond of. Every person has a list like that in the mind. Usually those things help you to chill out or smile/laugh a lot, maybe they cover your problems or something. Anyway, those are values that you will never exchange for even millions of dollars.

For me it’s football, cooking and jazz…

I have a lot of job every day, but I rarely get tired after working day in the evening, becasue I really enjoy everything I do. But there are some exception when I reach home and I need anything really relaxing and strong to calm myself down.

Knock, knock… Jazz is coming in!!!

And I always try to “taste” different jazzmen and bands: I love that world as a whole.

And once I was searching for a new singer in the internet and I found a perfection for me!!


Her name is Sabina Vartanova. She is Armenian, just like me, but she lives and works in Moscow, Russia. I fell in love with her at once. With her beauty, with her smile, with her wonderful voice… I was listening to her songs all night long feeling nothing but easiness and pleasure.

I love women… No, that’s not just a simple phrase. I really love every single woman in this world. I’m admired with them. I adore them and I can’t imagine myself without them around. My mother, sister, friends, unknown passers… Can you imagine my happiness when I found a great jazz singer… Armenian jazz singer… Armenian jazz woman!!! Amazing! Just that, amazing!!! I would advice everyone who enjoys jazz/blues music to listen to her songs and rate her. I guess, you won’t be disappointed with that…Image


4 thoughts on “A Woman, Jazz and Good Mood…”

  1. My ex-gf was 2nd generation Armenian. Lovely person and a great cellist as well. Beautiful, smart people. 🙂

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