My Top 3 To Go Till Death



1. CAMP NOU STADIUM (BARCELONA, CATALUNYA, SPAIN):::Since I remember myself I am a big fan of FC Barcelona. My first watched football match was a semifinal of Mundial 1998 in France: Holland versus Brasil. Although Dutch squad lost that match because of penalty shootout, I fell in love with their game and that was the turning point which started my new life full of football. The game of millions became the manner of my life. By the way, today is a huge step in my career in football. First day of coaching job. I will practice my skills in a youth team of an Armenian professional club. I hope I will succed with my signature tactics and strategy soon. However, when I watched my first football game, I was impressed with a pair of Dutch stars: Patrick Kluivert, Frank de Boer, Phillip Cocu and so on. All of them were performing in Barca, so my choice was logical. My prime objective in travelling is to visit the legendary arena of my favourite club, ideally, to watch El Classico against Real Madrid. That would be one of the greatest moments in my entire life. Thank God, I’m already creating possibilities to make that happen this summer. I hope so and I can’t wait anymore…



2. STATUE OF BUDDHA (BODH GAYA, INDIA):::I’m baptised as an apostolic christian in the country that adopted Chrstianity first in the world in 301 A.D.. I respect my religion because Armenians have struggled a lot during history trying to keep it and not becoming Muslims as the nations around our country were mostly Islamic: Persia, Osman Empire… And the second reason is that my parents, grandparents and every normal Armenian in the world as a whole are Apostolic christians too. I respect it a lot, but the religion is one thing and the faith and willingness to know the wise and the truth is the other thing. There was a time when I decided to analize all great religions, idealogies and philosophy types of our planet. That was a huge step to become more intelligent and wise and recognize and explore new mental weapons for myself. Islam, Atheism, Induism, Judaism, Sinto and so on, but the most inspiring was Buddhism with its all possible branches. I was amazed with lifestyle of buddhists and the easiness of living. Everything is as positive as it can be imagined. I prefered that. I have never thought about changing my religion or something, but the way of my life changed a lot for the better. And the most outstanding thing in any religion is that you learn a lot of new things everytime you deal with it. That’s an unlimited world. There are lot of beautiful and inspiring statues of Buddha around the world, but my dream is to visit the exact one, because I have some short story about it. A friend of mine had a short term job in India and once he went there. He was told that that Buddha is someone like a genie, who fulfills wishes. You got to think about something, scream about it, hear the echo back and smile for 7 minutes without stop. And you know what? He did that all and got whatever he wanted form Buddha just in few days. If this is not a magic than what?!


3. STORYVILLE DISTRICT JAZZ CAFE (NEW ORLEANS, LA, THE UNITED STATES):::That’s the one of the oldest jazz areas in the world: one of the cradles of that God music. The mental heritage of this place is so rich that you can live the whole jazz history in a few minutes and you will be able to heal from your problems. My friend was there. He visited that place just for a couple of minutes, because there were no empty tables inside and even outside of it. Everytime when I listen to jazz music, I mentally travel to Storyville and imagine my feelings if I were there some time: the smell of whiskey and wood, the majority of piano and sax and so on…

P.S.: People get whatever they want and then forget about it and want something else. The last thing that forces me to visit these 3 places is to understand what I would like to do after that. However, travelling is always wonderful and crazy, so nothing bad will be wanted in my mind, I guess…


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