I don’t know what happens around the world in global! I’ve watched TV news or heard about them a year before! The only programs on TV that makes me switch on the blue screen are football matches and comedy shows. And, you know what? I live so much easier and funnier than I used to!!!

One of the reasons I never watch news, that’s because I know about important highlights around the planet in a few words and that’s enough not to step down from the time. I’ve heard about craze in Ukraine, Syrian conflict, rare cold in the United States and so on! People talk. People talk everytime and everywhere so I should be totally deaf to pay no attention on such things around…

The second reason is that TV news are only about negative! Catastrophies, wars, kills, deathes… I don’t think I wanna know about them at all! Some persons say that they watch news to be in time for anything and to know the problems around! I don’t think that problems which were a couple of years ago and those which are now are different! The others say that they try to figure out main problems to help the world and people… Ok! And what do they do for that? And what resources they get from news to help people?! Everybody knows about hunger, different aches, poverty and such things! Do your best if you want to help, not sit on the sofa and watch TV in your warm and comfortable home and fell yourself like a superman or somebody like that.

P.S.: I’m working on my first all around novel which will be ready hopefully until April, so I decided to send the half of my earned money to some cancer clinic: the book is dedicated to the brighest memory of a girl who had so much to do, but she lost to cancer in the early ages… I guess, that will be the real help. Something constructive… And if you notice: No Politics, No Press Games and so on!!! HELP PEOPLE HOWEVER YOU CAN, BUT NEVER SPEAK ABOUT HELP IF YOU AREN’T GOING TO DO SO, PLEASE!!!


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