Is Dark Side Stronger?!


Once a close girl said, that she chose the dark side: everything negative, satanic and so on, because Evil is stronger. She looked at my “non emotional” face with question and I told her, that maybe she’s right, but I’ll prefer to be positive and a fan of Good even if it’s harder and uncomfortable! There are too many bad things around to give up and dive into them, so as much as I can notice brightness and shine in everything, I will never ever step through something black and grey. I usually try to get easiest ways of living, but not in this case! I prefer the long way but full of colours, smiles and happiness as a whole, even if I lie to myself and everything good is just an illusion… Everybody must believe that he can change the world, change people around him/her. And if people understand the fact of their real power, they should use their weapon to clear our planet and not to help Evil Forces to become stronger. When a person consciously chooses dark side, that action seems wierd to me, to put it mildly…


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