That was just like a dream!!!


Several days ago I got a phone call…

That was a famous book producer and an owner of some popular ebook store. He told me that my friend has shown him a part of my novel that I write now and said that his literature crew and him are very interested in me and have monitored some aspects to figure out how much should be the outcome from my book when I finish it and sell it. They pronounced an outstanding seven digit figure and added “guaranteed”!!! Also one of them said that my work is too scandalous and mean for someone with my age and the level of experience and told me that if I continue like that, I have every chances to become Charles Bukowski of “next generation”!!!

That conversation created some feeling in me that I’ve never had. I can’t even describe it, nor imagine totally…

But they only thing that I can truely say: I’ve become writing with more passion and with new sence of unlimited energy which came into my mind and not into the heart as it always was…


P.S.: I love money, I like to spend it and I always know how to spend it constructively, but this time the name “Bukowski” is too much higher for me than the phrase about “milions”…


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