Good morning, kids…

Everytime I open my eyes, I understand that you become lesser and lesser… You go far away and don’t tell me a word…

I’ve got used to that and you know that I never take unbrage, but always happy to see you all back again…



I’ve changed a lot. I’ve become ugly and dirty… I’ve started to cry very much, so my eyes are always tumefied. I’ve lost my face among others, lost my beauty and have been covered with dust… That’s not your fault, hell no! Most of you loved me and always took care of me without deserving anything back, but that “most” has left me long before and I’ve already forgotten their faces.

I remember the times, when people have been living as human and my only objective was to warm them and make them to smile.


Smile… Huh, I’ve already forgotten that feeling… That sweet sincere emotion full of colours and spirit.

Who will close the eyes with me tonight? Dirty, dusty, grey eyes without shine… My friends, where are you? Why did you leave me in pain among these clowns?.. Why are they torturing me? What have I done to them? Why are they spitting on me?

I’ve been always glad to welcome guests from around the planet, but they stay too long without sense of time. You left me, my friends, and the strangers noticed your empty houses and greedily entered there and made me to accept their wild new rules…

You, friend of mine, help me, please… Help me…


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