For a long time we have been blocked by our neighbours and had no choice but surviving!

Everybody wanted to destroy us, ’cause we were more intelligent, but weaker and fewer…

They tried to assimilate us, but we are still who we are and we still believe in Jesus…

They began to slaughter us and thought it was all over with us… We are still here: alive, stronger and happy!!

They began to eliminate our national traditions, architecture and everything reminding of us in their “new” territories…

Now they unscrupulously want to take our golden land of our hands… Land, where there is no single citizen of them…

This time they will only eat the dust of their own aggresiveness


I have no rights to forgive them: God will do so! I know the only thing: I want PEACE!!! I want FRIENDSHIP and I don’t need WAR!!! Leave us alone, you, f**king Fire from underground!!! We want to breath! We want to smile


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