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Good morning, kids…

Everytime I open my eyes, I understand that you become lesser and lesser… You go far away and don’t tell me a word…

I’ve got used to that and you know that I never take unbrage, but always happy to see you all back again…



I’ve changed a lot. I’ve become ugly and dirty… I’ve started to cry very much, so my eyes are always tumefied. I’ve lost my face among others, lost my beauty and have been covered with dust… That’s not your fault, hell no! Most of you loved me and always took care of me without deserving anything back, but that “most” has left me long before and I’ve already forgotten their faces.

I remember the times, when people have been living as human and my only objective was to warm them and make them to smile.


Smile… Huh, I’ve already forgotten that feeling… That sweet sincere emotion full of colours and spirit.

Who will close the eyes with me tonight? Dirty, dusty, grey eyes without shine… My friends, where are you? Why did you leave me in pain among these clowns?.. Why are they torturing me? What have I done to them? Why are they spitting on me?

I’ve been always glad to welcome guests from around the planet, but they stay too long without sense of time. You left me, my friends, and the strangers noticed your empty houses and greedily entered there and made me to accept their wild new rules…

You, friend of mine, help me, please… Help me…

Is Dark Side Stronger?!


Once a close girl said, that she chose the dark side: everything negative, satanic and so on, because Evil is stronger. She looked at my “non emotional” face with question and I told her, that maybe she’s right, but I’ll prefer to be positive and a fan of Good even if it’s harder and uncomfortable! There are too many bad things around to give up and dive into them, so as much as I can notice brightness and shine in everything, I will never ever step through something black and grey. I usually try to get easiest ways of living, but not in this case! I prefer the long way but full of colours, smiles and happiness as a whole, even if I lie to myself and everything good is just an illusion… Everybody must believe that he can change the world, change people around him/her. And if people understand the fact of their real power, they should use their weapon to clear our planet and not to help Evil Forces to become stronger. When a person consciously chooses dark side, that action seems wierd to me, to put it mildly…

Next Famous Armenian


Charles Aznavour, Aram Khachaturian, Alain Prost, Andre Agassi, Youri Djorkaeff, Kirk Kerkorian, Cher and so on…

Not everyone knows that these people and so many others are Armenians!!

My nation have always been a cradle for talented and legendary artists, actors, writers, businessmen and so on! That’s why I get waxed whenever some Armenians show themselves as dickheads abroad. They ruin the real face of our nation and cultural society!

Yes, we did a lot of bad and dirty things for the world:

1. Invented atomic bomb

2. DNA’ed Kardashian Family)))

But our famous scientist invented colour TV, we established Christianity first officialy in this world (301 AD) and more and more!!!

Every talented Armenian has so much leadership to create name around the world, it’s a pity that not everyone uses his/her mind to succeed… We are not “team players” and that was the main problem of our historical struggle for about 2000 years.

Soon we will “born” another famous human for the world, I am sure! We always did! And it’s been a long time we stopped to do it, so tomorrow will come soon 😉

For example, we have Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Armenian international footballer, who plays in Borussia Dortmund, Germany. He has some problems now with his game and adoptation in new league, but I guarantee that he will become a superstar player soon! He will shine next season!

We also have many talented authors (somebody thinks that I’m talented too) who search for their chances to enter the glory and need help, but some of them will be able to get fame, I guess!!!

I’m Armenian and Proud and I’m waiting for the Next Famous Armenian…

That was just like a dream!!!


Several days ago I got a phone call…

That was a famous book producer and an owner of some popular ebook store. He told me that my friend has shown him a part of my novel that I write now and said that his literature crew and him are very interested in me and have monitored some aspects to figure out how much should be the outcome from my book when I finish it and sell it. They pronounced an outstanding seven digit figure and added “guaranteed”!!! Also one of them said that my work is too scandalous and mean for someone with my age and the level of experience and told me that if I continue like that, I have every chances to become Charles Bukowski of “next generation”!!!

That conversation created some feeling in me that I’ve never had. I can’t even describe it, nor imagine totally…

But they only thing that I can truely say: I’ve become writing with more passion and with new sence of unlimited energy which came into my mind and not into the heart as it always was…


P.S.: I love money, I like to spend it and I always know how to spend it constructively, but this time the name “Bukowski” is too much higher for me than the phrase about “milions”…

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