Football is the…

Football is the best Weapon

I’ve just heard about the action of Cristiano Ronaldo yesterday. He helped a boy with cancer to attend Real Madrid match in the stadium VIP lounge. I’m an old and huge Barcelona fan, but I can’t be blind about this. Respect, Cris!!! Football is the best weapon!


Woman of My Dreams

ImageEvery healthy man has his own taste about different celebrity women who inspire them for great jobs. The virtual muses: that’s how I call them! Tastes are really different: Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Vera Brezhneva and so on and that taste often changes whenever some new hot lady gets access to TV. The only woman of my dreams was, is and will always be Shakira Mebarak. She is the chic herself for me! I love her singing, dancing, her smile and I’m just fond of simply looking at her. I write a book, that’s my main job for now and when I lose something in my mind that I wanted to write down, I just take a look at my awesome muse and the work goes on. The greatest plus of celebrity idol is that whenever you are alone in real life, she comes for you anytime. And she understands you when you find a girl to love and never does scandalous things. Next summer I will attend her concert in Spain! That will be the best gift for my birthday, I guess… After that I will work as a robot!!

Rating Death

ImageI’ve just read an article about worldwide rationg of smoking countries. Armenia is at the 4th place in the list of smoking men. That’s aweful, i guess, but I can’t say anything constructive, because I smoke as well. There was Russia and Indonesia in chart of “leaders” and I analized a little about this all and understood, that 800.000 men is a number so much far away from 20 or 30 millions in those 2 countries, but the fact can’t be buried: we, Armenians, like to smoke very much. That’s some kind of a cult. That’s not good at all, I understand, but there is nothing to do with it. Our government had a huge national plan for 2013/14 to try forcing give up campaign, but that doesn’t make sense. I can’t say about my nation, but I can frankly say, that I’m 22 and I already think about giving that shit up. Wish me luck!


ImageI like to cry… Seriously… That doesn’t mean that I’m not a weepie or something: it’s just a natural outcome. A splash of sedimentary energy that I don’t need inside myself at all. That action doesn’t come from nowhere. There are many procedures and everybody has own. I prefer to watch some movies like “Leon” and after that I always cry no matter how many times I’ve watched it before. There are some theories about this case. Some scientists explain that with a lack of sexual life, for example, but, you know what, my sex is usual and I never had problem, so maybe the problem is in other room, or maybe there is no problem at all, or maybe I have so much energy that I can’t make it lesser only with sex… Your opinions? 


fake-smilePeople around me often can’t just understand me, when I share my opinion about liking this or that person! They can’t just understand my logic about that case. I always try to explain them, but that idea never makes sense.

The point is I have just only 2 criterias about human personality. A person around me must be interesting and… genuine!

I don’t say that I respect only peole who never lies. That’s just impossible. That’s one of the oldest habits of a human. Of any human. I’m speaking about fake with its all optional colours. That’s the most aweful thing for me in this world.

I live my life way too much different than you all. I never critisize, I never think negatively and so on which you’ll be able to understand by my following posts. You will tell me, that if I speak about fake, I already critisize. That’s not true. That phenomenon makes me think about lot of things around and I just try not to get caught on a trap of it.

Now about disagreement among my friends and me. Once one of my buddies got surprised when we were speaking about newset singers and their videos in YouTube. I told him that I totally understand Miley Cyrus and her scandal personality. I explained that I respect her very much, because she shows herself as genuine as she can. I was never  a big fan of American pop music and especially Miley, but I can’t just close my mouth when anybody critisizes another person without analizing him or her inside. I told my friend, that I prefer someone like Miley around me despite of someone who will always smile to me but can easily hit me from the back.

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