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For a long time we have been blocked by our neighbours and had no choice but surviving!

Everybody wanted to destroy us, ’cause we were more intelligent, but weaker and fewer…

They tried to assimilate us, but we are still who we are and we still believe in Jesus…

They began to slaughter us and thought it was all over with us… We are still here: alive, stronger and happy!!

They began to eliminate our national traditions, architecture and everything reminding of us in their “new” territories…

Now they unscrupulously want to take our golden land of our hands… Land, where there is no single citizen of them…

This time they will only eat the dust of their own aggresiveness


I have no rights to forgive them: God will do so! I know the only thing: I want PEACE!!! I want FRIENDSHIP and I don’t need WAR!!! Leave us alone, you, f**king Fire from underground!!! We want to breath! We want to smile


The Autumn of Our Love (by Ruben Hakhverdyan)

Do you think the rain’s been drumming on your window all day long? It’s the words of my repentance, falling down drop by drop. See them, rolling down the glass and down into the endless brine; Words that only you can hear in this belated song of mine. ***
What is this confession now, overdue regret, - for what? Love has always been a riddle that I never can decode. It was autumn that was mocking, slapping me with faded leaves, And the girl that kept on weeping silently among the trees. ***
Only now I understand: the past shall not be back again. It’s for sins that I’ve committed that I’m being made to pay. For that weeping girl, that autumn are the fortune that I’ve lost. Heedless deeds of wild youth is what I now regret the most. ***
We all know that happiness can only come a single time. It then promptly disappears, leaves its business card behind. We then seek it everywhere, we go on looking all our lives, But the address on the card is one that no man ever finds.

Original text is in Armenian: "Mer Siro Ashuny"




Good morning, kids…

Everytime I open my eyes, I understand that you become lesser and lesser… You go far away and don’t tell me a word…

I’ve got used to that and you know that I never take unbrage, but always happy to see you all back again…



I’ve changed a lot. I’ve become ugly and dirty… I’ve started to cry very much, so my eyes are always tumefied. I’ve lost my face among others, lost my beauty and have been covered with dust… That’s not your fault, hell no! Most of you loved me and always took care of me without deserving anything back, but that “most” has left me long before and I’ve already forgotten their faces.

I remember the times, when people have been living as human and my only objective was to warm them and make them to smile.


Smile… Huh, I’ve already forgotten that feeling… That sweet sincere emotion full of colours and spirit.

Who will close the eyes with me tonight? Dirty, dusty, grey eyes without shine… My friends, where are you? Why did you leave me in pain among these clowns?.. Why are they torturing me? What have I done to them? Why are they spitting on me?

I’ve been always glad to welcome guests from around the planet, but they stay too long without sense of time. You left me, my friends, and the strangers noticed your empty houses and greedily entered there and made me to accept their wild new rules…

You, friend of mine, help me, please… Help me…

A Woman, Jazz and Good Mood…



There are a few things that you will never change in yourself and will never stop to be fond of. Every person has a list like that in the mind. Usually those things help you to chill out or smile/laugh a lot, maybe they cover your problems or something. Anyway, those are values that you will never exchange for even millions of dollars.

For me it’s football, cooking and jazz…

I have a lot of job every day, but I rarely get tired after working day in the evening, becasue I really enjoy everything I do. But there are some exception when I reach home and I need anything really relaxing and strong to calm myself down.

Knock, knock… Jazz is coming in!!!

And I always try to “taste” different jazzmen and bands: I love that world as a whole.

And once I was searching for a new singer in the internet and I found a perfection for me!!


Her name is Sabina Vartanova. She is Armenian, just like me, but she lives and works in Moscow, Russia. I fell in love with her at once. With her beauty, with her smile, with her wonderful voice… I was listening to her songs all night long feeling nothing but easiness and pleasure.

I love women… No, that’s not just a simple phrase. I really love every single woman in this world. I’m admired with them. I adore them and I can’t imagine myself without them around. My mother, sister, friends, unknown passers… Can you imagine my happiness when I found a great jazz singer… Armenian jazz singer… Armenian jazz woman!!! Amazing! Just that, amazing!!! I would advice everyone who enjoys jazz/blues music to listen to her songs and rate her. I guess, you won’t be disappointed with that…Image

Chase the Sun

ImageFrom the oldest times homo sapienses were afraid and respectful the most of the sun. Time’s going on, but never forgot that feeling. I’m not speaking about natural need of it, I just want to analize the emotional side of this phenomenon. I live in Yerevan and these 2 monthes were really sad for me inside. My city (and country as a whole) is very sunny and shiny even in winters. We have snow, fog, frost, but even then we see our sun in the sky. A huge cloud has come here above Yerevan and doesn’t want to go away and I haven’t seen the sun since November. That’s not cool at all. Yesterday it seemed to show itself, but that was just a momentum and nothing more. I write this and watch the sky which are grey as were and hope for the best. The only thing that gives me a colourful feeling is that my work and everything around goes well since I lost my sun! Paradox!