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The Autumn of Our Love (by Ruben Hakhverdyan)

Do you think the rain’s been drumming on your window all day long? It’s the words of my repentance, falling down drop by drop. See them, rolling down the glass and down into the endless brine; Words that only you can hear in this belated song of mine. ***
What is this confession now, overdue regret, - for what? Love has always been a riddle that I never can decode. It was autumn that was mocking, slapping me with faded leaves, And the girl that kept on weeping silently among the trees. ***
Only now I understand: the past shall not be back again. It’s for sins that I’ve committed that I’m being made to pay. For that weeping girl, that autumn are the fortune that I’ve lost. Heedless deeds of wild youth is what I now regret the most. ***
We all know that happiness can only come a single time. It then promptly disappears, leaves its business card behind. We then seek it everywhere, we go on looking all our lives, But the address on the card is one that no man ever finds.

Original text is in Armenian: "Mer Siro Ashuny"