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Self-deception itself



From the beginning of times people around the world try to understand the formula of happiness and do their best to find it out. The worst thing in that case is that people pursuit the way of happiness, not the happiness itself. We have an “amazing” trait to create objectives, reach them and forget about them at all very soon. The reason is that we always know whatever we want right now and never know about global things which will make us joyful and happy for a long time. The greatest tool of us in every cases is the ability of self-deception. We lie to ourselves whenever we don’t know the answer. Lie is aweful. But you know what? In this case, I don’t think like that at all…



Cigarettes addict to themselves. We are taught about it from the early childhood. We understand that they are things which can bring direct death to us and when we already smoke, we say that 1) we are addicted, 2) we like cigarettes, 3) we can give up whenever we want to. The only right thing from these options is the third one. We are not addictive to anything in this life. That’s a piece of … lie… The brain and the mental energy in it is totally being controled by us. We decide what to get, what to say and what to do. The second option is when we say that we like cigarettes. We can’t like that rubbish! Cigarettes are aweful! The smoke, the smell… Everything about them. And we all know that fact.

The real point of my post is not cigarettes at all. That was just an example from thousands around. Our power of self-deception is a great thing if we use it right. We can destroy ourselves with it and also can easily brighten our lives as a whole!



The most crazy thing about self-deception is that we can easily change anything we want around us. We can explore more dark corners of our brain and this wonderful world. I would like to ask you not to muddle up that phenomenon with self-suggestion. These two are not the same. I would like to write down one simple example about this.

All of us have our own thoughts about religion and faith. We can be “given” a religion in some cases and countries but nobody can make us believe in what we want for real. Plus, we have our opinions about possible continuation of our lives after death. Some people think that there will be nothing but a grave and a decomposing cadaver, the other ones believe in heaven and hell and so on. I believe that I will be whoever I think after. I believe in life after death, because it’s more comfortable for me to belive in it and not in the first option. That’s what I call “positive self-deception”: even if I’m wrong, I don’t want to have a faith in nothing and that feeling inspires me a lot and I guess it’s great!