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Literature Splash


It’s the third straight day in a row I sleep only 3 or 4 hours during nights and wake up so easy that I never used to before!

I’m not tired, not angry or negative minded…

I wake up to write my novel… I wake up by myself: no alarm clock and so on…

It seems like my organism made a special “creation” alarm for me which rings my soul and body as soon as I get the 4th hour of sleeping…

And you know what?! I write much more better than I was doing before… Everytime I wake up, I turn on my “lap”, read the parts I’ve written the day before and get a huge surprise: “How did I write these all? I’ve never known such phrases and words!!! Oh my God, I rule!”

I guess it will be useless to leave my energy here in the internet, so after these few words I switch of my browser and begin to work hard on book! It’s friday: I must manage to work as much as I can to meet friends tonight with clear mind full of thinkings about objectives I’ve reached this week!

P.S. Wish you amazing weekend, be creative, funny and ready to continue your jobs next week!!! !!!