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A Woman, Jazz and Good Mood…



There are a few things that you will never change in yourself and will never stop to be fond of. Every person has a list like that in the mind. Usually those things help you to chill out or smile/laugh a lot, maybe they cover your problems or something. Anyway, those are values that you will never exchange for even millions of dollars.

For me it’s football, cooking and jazz…

I have a lot of job every day, but I rarely get tired after working day in the evening, becasue I really enjoy everything I do. But there are some exception when I reach home and I need anything really relaxing and strong to calm myself down.

Knock, knock… Jazz is coming in!!!

And I always try to “taste” different jazzmen and bands: I love that world as a whole.

And once I was searching for a new singer in the internet and I found a perfection for me!!


Her name is Sabina Vartanova. She is Armenian, just like me, but she lives and works in Moscow, Russia. I fell in love with her at once. With her beauty, with her smile, with her wonderful voice… I was listening to her songs all night long feeling nothing but easiness and pleasure.

I love women… No, that’s not just a simple phrase. I really love every single woman in this world. I’m admired with them. I adore them and I can’t imagine myself without them around. My mother, sister, friends, unknown passers… Can you imagine my happiness when I found a great jazz singer… Armenian jazz singer… Armenian jazz woman!!! Amazing! Just that, amazing!!! I would advice everyone who enjoys jazz/blues music to listen to her songs and rate her. I guess, you won’t be disappointed with that…Image


Woman of My Dreams

ImageEvery healthy man has his own taste about different celebrity women who inspire them for great jobs. The virtual muses: that’s how I call them! Tastes are really different: Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Vera Brezhneva and so on and that taste often changes whenever some new hot lady gets access to TV. The only woman of my dreams was, is and will always be Shakira Mebarak. She is the chic herself for me! I love her singing, dancing, her smile and I’m just fond of simply looking at her. I write a book, that’s my main job for now and when I lose something in my mind that I wanted to write down, I just take a look at my awesome muse and the work goes on. The greatest plus of celebrity idol is that whenever you are alone in real life, she comes for you anytime. And she understands you when you find a girl to love and never does scandalous things. Next summer I will attend her concert in Spain! That will be the best gift for my birthday, I guess… After that I will work as a robot!!